Welcome to any CTC members …

… who might be checking this blog out for the first time, having read about its existence on Newsnet. Please have a dig around, and I really hope you stumble across something which makes your visit worthwhile, whether it entertains, inspires, informs, enthuses, challenges … or perhaps, infuriates, irritates, disturbs … from my perspective those reactions are pretty good too, as so-called ‘negative reactions’ form an important part of thinking processes, and if this blog is dedicated to one thing more than another, it’s probably to the encouragement of more thinking about cycling, hence the name …

Over the last few weeks I’ve started to post some of my existing writing here, and I’ll be continuing to do that – as time and inclination permits – until I run out! I hope that’s not only for my own benefit, but even if it were, it feels nice to be assembling the work I’ve done around cycling over almost a decade now, in the one ‘place’. I’ve often been good-naturedly accused of being a bit of a luddite, so I’m quite surprised – but also quite pleased and intrigued – to discover that I’m finding something ‘cosy’ about this little space in the blogosphere which I’ve begun to carve out …

But this blog is dedicated much more to my current and continuing thinking than to my past thoughts, although of course I continue to think about and work on those too .. I’ve said it before but it certainly bears repeating … thought is an on-going, never-ending process … and it’s co-operative and collaborative too, so please feel free to chip in, or pick up the baton and run with it … there are many, many better and/or different thinkers than me out there (and even if you don’t consider yourself to be one of them, it’s never too late to start, and having a go is what matters most …)

Also, in case you’re worrying or wondering (although of course I know that you’re probably doing neither ..), this blog definitely isn’t about being clever … I’m not terribly good at doing or being that, and besides, for me the main thing is a love of and for cycling … Cycling is magical, it’s beautiful … for me personally, it’s an enormous part of my world; always has been, in different ways, and (although everything changes, “all that is solid melts into air …” etc) I hope it always will be. And like many other people out there, I want cycling to grow … to contribute to a better world. Both in theory and in practice, cycling has the capacity to transform lives, cities, societies … I think it also has the capacity, though this is less tested, to save human life on this planet, the only one we’ve got …

So I love thinking about cycling, I love investing hope and imagination in cycling, I love following cycling, I love talking about cycling, I love writing about cycling. But if I must have an ‘above all’ (which of course I don’t, but I’ll push myself into having one anyway), I love doing cycling – that is, cycling … it’s all connected, there’s a cycling whole which is impossible to unravel here, but the foundation, I think, is time spent on a bike … without that, this blog most certainly would not exist.

We are extraordinarily lucky to have CTC. We are CTC. We’re one great club. So it’s wonderful that you came by, please have a browse, and do come back occasionally. For me, building and boosting cycling involves two very important but sometimes overlooked things – first, the development of ideas and thinking about cycling; second, the production and development of a diverse and vibrant cycling culture. This is my own very little way of chipping in to the long, good fight …

So my warmth and respect to you all, and in the hope that we become friends ..


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