How best to boost urban cycling?

I’ve run out of time to do the post I’d intended this week (tomorrow I travel to Bavaria to take part in what looks like a stimulating Active Mobility workshop), so will instead simply note that a debate between David Dansky, head of training and development at Cycle Training UK, and me is today published on the Mobile Lives Forum (a site well worth checking out in its own right). David and I discuss why urban cycling matters, how it can best be encouraged, and differences in encouraging cycling between urban and suburban areas. (We were given tight word limits, which is why our responses are so brief.) On the same site there’s a video-conference with the sociologist Rachel Aldred from Westminster University exploring London’s ‘bicycle revolution’, so if you feel so inclined you can get a real sociological cycling fix!

Read my discussion with David (who has consistently been among the most interested, thoughtful and respectful respondents to the (somewhat contentious) Understanding Walking and Cycling research with which I was involved) here.

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2 Responses to “How best to boost urban cycling?”

  1. Kaighin, Chris JF (NE) Says:

    Hi dave

    Hope you enjoy your workshop. If you take the S6 from Munich to Tutzing you will pass through Stockdorf and Starnberg, our local stations when living in Bayern. Look out of the train window and you will be looking at the suburban vistas of my childhood. If you get a chance to try an Andechs beer, I highly recommend it.

    Lets get together some time soon.

    Cen J

  2. kevinmayne Says:

    See you on Friday at the seminar Dave!

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