Bobby’s thoughts on cycling

My ten year old son, Bobby, is making a presentation to his school assembly this morning, about his favourite hobby – cycling.

Here’s what he’s planning to say:


My name is Bobby, and bike racing is my hobby.

I learned to ride a bike when I was three years old. Since then I’ve had five bikes, the last two have been racing bikes. That means that they are light, have drop handlebars and thin tyres, to help you go faster.

I go to Salt Ayre Cog Set, my local bike club, on Saturday mornings. There I do training. [show jersey]

On Tuesday nights in the summer I do crits, which is a short kind of bike race. I do 5 miles. In crit racing you don’t get medals for an individual race, you get points for coming 1st 2nd or 3rd  in each race. At the end of the season, which is 8 to 12 races, the points are added up. I came first in the Lancaster crits this year, and got my medal from Bradley Wiggins, who won two golds at the last Olympics. In Britain, for my age group, I am 28th. [show medals]

On Thursday I do Time Trials which is where you go round a track trying to beat your best time, I do 6 miles and 2 miles. My record for 2 miles is 6 minutes and 41 seconds, and for 6 miles its 19 minutes and 37 seconds, which is the same as 18.4 miles per hour.

I also go cycle-touring, which is where you go around different countries cycling from place to place. I’ve done it in France, the Netherlands and Belgium. I like it ’cause you get to camp out each night and you get to go to loads of different places where cars can’t go.

I think cycling is a brilliant sport; you should try it too!

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6 Responses to “Bobby’s thoughts on cycling”

  1. charlottelellis Says:

    Let us know how it went! :0)

  2. Mike Holden Says:

    Fantastic and a great picture of Bob with Brad. How did the school talk go?

    • Dave Horton Says:

      Thanks Charlotte and Mike
      It’s kind of hard to tell exactly how it went! Neither Sue nor I was there. Bobby told us it went pretty well. Flo and one of her friends said his presentation was ‘good’. Apparently none of the kids who were making presentations had a microphone, which made it very difficult to hear some of them. Bobby was, again apparently, better than most. I think the main thing is that he stood up in front of the school and talked about cycling, which is good for his confidence, and hopefully also one more of those little seeds, which if we sow enough of them, one of them might take root and flourish. I haven’t told Bobby that he’s a cycling advocate yet – I don’t want to put him off! But I do sometimes wonder how he and Flo will look back on these, their early years, which have been based so much around cycling and so little around driving, in the future. (Hopefully they’ll have a sense that they were ‘ahead of the game’, and can feel proud that they contributed to blazing a trail for others to follow …, hopefully … 😉
      All the best

  3. rollthetriangle Says:

    As an English teacher and a cyclist, this post was like a dream come true. It’s great when students get a chance to take the things they love into the classroom. And that first picture- he looks like a right maniac!

  4. lakescyclist Says:

    That’s really heartwarming. his enthusiasm really shines through. Maybe it might mean that fellow pupils might be encouraged to give cycling a go, or at least not be hostile to cyclists when they are older!
    I’ll bet it was a thrill for him to meet Brad Wiggins.

  5. zenpunk32 Says:

    Wow, I would’ve loved something like getting a prize from an olympian at his age. That’s brilliant!

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