Last night my son shook hands with Bradley Wiggins …

and how chuffed he was! (My son; I can’t speak for Bradley ….)

Bobby congratulated Bradley on his splendid recent victory in the Critérium du Dauphiné stage race. And Bradley signed Bobby’s Salt Ayre Cog Set racing top, having first sensibly checked that he did really want his autograph scrawled across it.

Bobby was understandably nervous to meet face-to-face, and actually get to speak to, someone he has previously only seen thundering round Manchester’s velodrome, as well as on many more occasions on TV, winning Olympic gold medals, breaking world records, riding time trials, and sometimes clearly suffering alongside the world’s other top riders in the high mountains which are the crowning glory – the pinnacle – of our sport.

So it was good it was Sue, with her much cooler and more sociable personality, rather than I who accompanied Bobby to the track last night. I’d have been useless, but Sue can strike up a conversation with anyone, and usually does. So she chatted easily to Bradley and Ben, and ensured Bobby met a cycling champion.

Bobby has been riding the Tuesday night crits at Salt Ayre, our local cycling track. Last night, Bradley’s son Ben rode in the same youth race as Bobby, whilst his wife Cath rode in the senior’s event. Bradley was there to support his family. How great is that? Fresh from winning a major stage race, and just before heading back to France for the really big one, a cycling star comes down to your local bike track, and mixes with club riders at the sport’s grass-roots.

Very good luck on the Tour Bradley – like people everywhere, many of us in Lancaster are wishing you and the rest of Team Sky well, and will be shouting you on, next month.

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4 Responses to “Last night my son shook hands with Bradley Wiggins …”

  1. Tom Says:

    So far, I would say that Robert Millar has an infinitely better GT record than Bradley.

    • Dave Horton Says:

      Agreed, of course. But the ? is because Bradley is still riding, and – as you say so often in your Tour posts – ‘anything is possible’. Everything is conjecture of course, but, say, Bradley managed to reach the podium in Paris – would that instantly elevate him above Robert Millar in the ‘all time British best Grand Tour rider’ standings? (I think not – Millar performed at the top level for so long, and his performances in La Vuelta are incomparable amongst British riders – but I like to think that Bradley still has a few years in which to broaden and deepen his already very impressive palmares, no?)
      Perhaps a more interesting question is whether Bradley is the most impressive ever British cyclist due to his now proven versatility – to shift from the track to the road, and not just – a la Boardman – to excel at Grand Tour time trials, but to actually compete in the mountains! That really is something, eh?

  2. Keith Says:

    Great moment for your son. Always fantastic to meet a high-profile individual who can provide a little bit of added inspiration.

  3. Jonathan Abra Says:

    Oh Dave! Why did you have to use the ‘L’ word? Now look what you’ve done!

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